Blogs, PodCasts & Sending Large Files

used to this Blogging lark now. MSN Spaces is definitely winning out as
my preferred method. I know it’s heresy for a hardcore IT geek like
myself to prefer Microsoft over the Open Source way of doing things,
but there you go.

Two things I don’t like about MSN Spaces though:-

  1. Clicking a blog entry from within MSN Messenger opens a Window
    within Internet Explorer – even though Firefox is my default web browser
  2. It only seems to let you specify one e-mail address to update
    remotely with. As I’ve specified a Mobile Phone, I can’t also specify
    my work address, webmail address, etc.

Had a customer contact me regarding a problem he had with a large .ZIP
file this morning. It’s too big to send me via e-mail (and I loathe
e-mail attachments over 500k anyway) and talking a non-techy through
using FTP is like pulling teeth. So I sent him to
– check it out. It’s a shame about the 1MB file size limit – anyone
know of a site (even a paid sub based one?) that allows more?

Talking of new fangled inventions of t’internet, Podcasting, like Blogging, is becoming very popular. Therefore I was very interested to read Doug Kaye’s Comments in the latest IT Conversations and his blog newsletter regarding Public Radio and the way PodCasting will affect it.

I still listen to FM Radio in the car and Digital Radio in the house
though. Sometimes I don’t know what I want to listen to, and like the
changing content of content FM Radio. But on the downside there is
Commercial Radio. BRMB or HeartFM in the morning aren’t a patch on Terry Wogan. 😉


1 Response to “Blogs, PodCasts & Sending Large Files”

  1. 1 Rob August 15, 2005 at 10:30 am

    Hi big boy, stop bloggin and do some work!

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