Usenet Newsgroup History

Giganews (who, if you use Usenet Newsgroups to any real degree, are infinitely better than any ISP Usenet provider you might already be using) have started to put together a Usenet Newsgroup History Project that is well worth a look if you want to know a little more about the history of the Internet.

Whilst Web Forums and the like have overshadowed Usenet to a degree, there is still a huge Usenet Newsgroup community – well over 75,000 Usenet newsgroups covering everything from Science to Pro-Wrestling and everything in between!

I still fondly remember the days of using Demon Internet to dial-up to the ‘net using KA9Q and then using newsreaders under DOS to access Usenet – which before that little thing called the World Wide Web came along – was us ‘net geeks main source of information!

For instance. The year is 1994. You’re a spotty 18 year old ‘net geek. Want to know what the difference between an IBM Blue Lightning 486DX-3 75mhz and an Intel 486DX2-66 CPU? Usenet knew. 😉

If you’ve never used Usenet newsgroups before – you’re missing out on a wealth of information, both past and present. Chances are your existing ISP already offers them to you for free! You’ll find a couple of articles that explain the whole concept here and here – have fun exploring!


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  1. 1 Richard September 27, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    As a follow up – the nice people at Giganews have given me an expanded trial offer for any new users I refer to them! As well as 3 days free use of the service, they are allowing an expanded 15GB of downloads (usual trial is 1GB). That means you can use Giganews for all those Binary downloads <grin>! Just use this URL to get that offer –

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