Westcoast Small Business Forum

November 29th will see the first (of what will hopefully be many) Small Business Forums taking place at Microsoft Thames Valley Park in Reading, organised by the ever enthusiastic Susanne Dansey of Westcoast.

The Registration web-site for the event is now available and I’d suggest signing up quickly as judging by the quality of the speakers involved those 250 places are likely to go fast!

I’ve only been a Microsoft Small Business Specialist for the past twelve months, but it’s had a significant positive impact on my business – due in large part to one benefit of membership, participation within the Small Business Specialist "Community". I can think of three specific examples of this – the first was hearing Gareth Brown of Sytec present on Managed Services – a presentation that changed my view of how I should be approaching IT Support for my clients. The second was Susanne Dansey contacting me about a frustrating Vendor issue I had blogged on, which through Susanne sharing her contacts with me resulted in a much more positive relationship with said Vendor. The third was chatting to Vijay Riyait of iQubed and subsequently attending the AMITPRO Midlands SBSC User Group and all the benefits that chatting to your geographically local peers can bring.

As Gareth, Susanne and Vijay are all presenting at the November 29th event – that should be proof enough for you to make sure you register now and are there on the day!

That’s not to mention all the indirect and direct advice, ideas bouncing and technical support that I’ve shared through chatting to (and mostly listening to!) people such as Tim Long, Andy Parkes, Mark Taylor, Harry Brelsford, Paul Dadge, Steve Wright, Vlad Mazek, James Cash and Karl Palachuk – none of which I can be sure I would have come across had it not been for being an active part of the SBSC Community.

There’s a saying "You are who you associate with" which I fully agree with. Associating with productive, successful and enthusiastic people helps you up your game. That benefit alone makes participating in the Small Business Specialist Community worthwhile.

If you’re a SBSC member, passed the exam and got the Action Pack but done nothing more – you’re missing out. Why not make the effort to attend the event on November 29th, get to know a few of your peers and even <gasp> your so called "competitors" (although trust me, there’s plenty of clients for all of us…) and see what you are missing out on!

See you there. 🙂


1 Response to “Westcoast Small Business Forum”

  1. 1 Andy October 12, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    You don\’t waste any time 😉
    Just read Susanne\’s post, registered for the event and was thinking about a blog post myself when yours pops up!

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