Live Meeting – Four Plans That Can Change Everything

One of (if not the) biggest influences on me as a business owner in the past 2 years has been HTG – the Heartlands Technology Group. I’ve spoken about HTG before, but in a nutshell it is a peer group that helps raise the bar for all members by helping them form goals and holding them accountable for those goals.

One of the interesting things is, planning for these goals is not purely business related – very often the plans deal with your Life/Work Balance, your personal goals, your goals and aspirations for your family, and even planning for after you are no longer able to read this blog – and by that I don’t mean you’ve got no 3G signal on your iPhone… 🙂

Making these plans has been one of the key drivers in helping me grow as an individual and in turn, helping my business grow.

If you’re wondering where to start with all this planning, then you’ll be interested in the Live Meeting being held by HTG’s founder and CEO, Arlin Sorensen, tomorrow (24th March 2010) at 1600 GMT (9AM Pacific):-


Arlin Sorensen, CEO and founder of Heartland Technology Solutions and HTG peer groups, will be hosting a live meeting on March 24th for Microsoft as part of the 5W25 series on four plans to provide a well rounded look at life and business. The plans we will discuss are:
– Business plan
– Leadership plan
– Life plan
– Legacy plan
Joining for the live meeting will be Jamison West from JWCS and Brad Schow from Compudyne.  The event is code WES36PAL and it will be held at 9:00 AM Pacific that day. The session is titled Four Plans That Can Change Everythingand that is exactly the potential outcome from the session.

If you learn to use these plans, you can change the result of your life and business. Without planning, you leave things up to chance and quite honestly have far less opportunity to achieve your dreams or succeed.  We often spend a lot of time focused on our business plan but neglect the things that may be more important.  Never forget your life will leave a record, a history and a legacy.  Planning can help make sure those turn out as you would like.

Invest an hour and join me for this webcast. To register go to select the appropriate session. There are many other great sessions available as well. Hope to meet with you online that day!

Arlin Sorensen


I’d highly encourage you to take an hour out of your busy day and join this Live Meeting – the content had a profound effect on me as I planned both my business and personal life, and I know you’ll find it useful too.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, you can check out Arlin’s blog at – it’s simply one of the most useful blogs you can read.

Richard Tubb is an IT Business Consultant who works with ambitious IT companies who want to grow their businesses in a scalable and sustainable way. He is also a Microsoft UK Small Business Specialist Partner Area Lead (PAL) and the elected chair of the CompTIA UK Channel Community. You can e-mail him at or connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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  1. 1 Richard April 1, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    A few people have e-mailed me asking if Arlin\’s session was recorded. The good news is, "Four Plans That Can Change Everything" is now available to view on-demand –

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