I Am Worth It

Back in 2008, my company embarked on a series of a Press Releases in the West Midlands area, aimed at raising our profile across the business community. Part of that process was having some photographs taken to use in the various publicity shots – and like most people, everyone in the office (myself included) felt uncomfortable having their photographs taken!

We were fortunate enough then, that our photographer, a lovely chap by the name of Paul Vokes, was patient, witty and ultimately, helped get some great shots of us for use in press releases that were featured heavily in the local press! We have really fond memories of the day that Paul and his daughter, Grace (pictured below) came to visit us to take some photographs, putting everyone at ease and having some fun with us, and I personally am very grateful for the boost he gave my fledgling business.

I was therefore really saddened to hear the terrible news earlier this month, that Paul had been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, and that he might only have a short time to live.

Paul has been diagnosed with Papillary Kidney Cancer, a rare form of cancer, which has now spread to his lymph nodes and lungs. This is no cure for this form of cancer, but there is a drug available that can delay the spread of the tumours.

The price of the drugs is £3000 every six weeks, which have been deemed not cost effective. In Paul’s words, his local Primary Care Trust have taken the view that Paul is not worth it.

We disagree. We’ve helped Paul to setup a web-site entitled “I Am Worth It which you can find at www.iamworthit.co.uk, where you can learn more about Paul and his daughter, Grace, donate towards the treatment of Paul’s drugs and help stop the cancer from progressing.

Paul’s aim initially is to raise £9000 which will help Paul see his daughter Grace’s 5th Birthday in October.

You can help Paul too – please make a donation via www.iamworthit.co.uk , spread the word about Paul’s web-site by posting to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, connect with Paul on LinkedIn, and visit Paul’s web-site regularly to read his dairy.

We don’t often have chance to do something as wonderful as helping to prolong a life. But today, for however long, the greatest gift for Paul is time.


2 Responses to “I Am Worth It”

  1. 1 derek May 22, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Paul needs all the encouragement in the middle of this – we\’re praying for a \’Spartacus\’ moment, (see the Kirk Douglas film of the slave who ran free) when all his friends and colleagues stand up and say \’You\’re worth it.\’: we\’ll pray and pay £1, or whatever we can manage. Not £1 will be wasted.

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