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Just Google it

I’m feeling a bit grumpy because the Winter lurgy I’ve picked up has prevented me from hitting a friends party on a Friday night, so this link made me laugh out loud (in a twisted way).

Ever had somebody intelligent ask you a really dumb question that you knew could be answered with a quick web search?

Do you suspect they’re just being bloody lazy?

You may be tempted to respond "Just Google it" but why not send them a link generated by this site instead to allow you to really drive your point home?

Of course if you’re on a really short tether at the time of the question then you could also direct them to this site


If you need an excuse to have a chuckle today, go take a look at – it’s a web-site containing videos of organised urban stunts and pranks, such as the Human Mirror, where a dozen twin siblings march onto a Underground Train and sit opposite each other – giving bemused and amused fellow passengers the impression that there is a mirror down the centre of the carriage, or the Camera Flash Experiment – 700 New Yorkers get together on a bridge and all set off their camera flashes at the same time.

Just like Flash Mobs (including this Pillow Fight Flash Mob in Birmingham City Centre) I’m always amazed at how well organised the participants are, and it really brings a smile to the face to see the reactions of passers by seeing something bizarre and out of the ordinary in an every day life setting!

Procrastination – Flowcharted

It’s funny, ‘cos it’s true – especially on a Friday!

Image courtesy of Project Sidewalk. Thanks to my good buddy Texas Matt for sharing.

Corporate Slippers

We’re now moved into the new offices, lock, stock and barrel!

Things are fully functional here, albeit a bit cluttered and messy. Photographs to follow as soon as we’ve had a good tidy up and are presentable!

In the meantime, meet the newest addition to the Netlink IT team…

… the Corporate Slippers! 

Well, a man has to work in comfort doesn’t he?

Friday Fun: The Pi of Rick Astley

It’s no secret I was/am a big fan of 80’s Pop Star Rick Astley. My interpretation of the "Rick-Roll" on the dance floor is indeed a sight to behold.

So when this joke about the great man that is Astley floated around various corporate e-mail inboxes this week, I got forwarded a copy by more than one person saying "Saw this and thought of you".

I’m flattered – I think… 🙂

Bee Dogs

Some Friday fun – go take a look at

I’ll quote the site’s own description – " is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes."

Therefore it’s a site about Dogs…

… dressed as Bees.

Bee Dogs…

… dot com.

A huge thank-you to the World Wide Web for this and many other sites – the Procrastinator’s greatest friend. 😉

How much of a Geek are you?

My result shown above will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me!

But tell me… How big a geek are you?

Thanks to Uber-Geek Microsoft blogger Stephen Lamb for the link. 🙂


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