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Why Work At Microsoft?

I stumbled across this web-page through Carnage4Life’s Blog. It is created by Microsoft to impress upon potential employees as to why working in Microsoft’s on-line services team is a good idea.

It includes a funny little video of some existing employees chatting to a camera which I thought came across well!


I’m Making a Difference

If you’ve seen any of your Windows Live Messenger contacts with a tiny logo next to their name – the reason it’s there is they are choosing to support the Messenger "I’m Making a Difference Campaign".

Using Windows Live Messenger 8.1 –  simply sign up and every time you start a conversation with a contact (wherever in the world they might be) a small donation is made to the Charity of your choice. A simple and easy way to do some good.

At the moment, the campaign is U.S. specific, but even if you are outside the U.S then by signing up you can both show your support for your chosen charity, and increase the likelihood of the campaign being put to work outside the States.

I covered Charity Donations for Tight Arses in an entry last year – so if you aren’t doing your bit already in some way, there are plenty of methods that are simple, painless and in many cases, free!

Stopping Telesales Calls

As a small business, constantly being interrupted by unwelcome Telephone calls from people or organisations trying to sell you something (that you usually don’t want…) can be a real pain.

Many individuals are aware of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which you can register with to stop unwanted telephone calls to your house. It works to great effect, in my experience.

But from speaking to a number of other Small Business owners recently, it seems most companies are unaware that there is a Corporate Telephone Preference Service that does exactly the same thing for businesses.

I used to be plagued with non-stop Sales calls in the office – it became a very real issue draining time away where I should have been doing more productive things. Since registering with the CTPS, the calls have been reduced to less than a handful a week – and usually only from companies I’ve already done business with and so don’t mind hearing from as much.

So if you own any sort of business and want to cut down on sales calls – get over to and register your telephone number now.

Charity Donations for Tight Arses

I get teased for being a tight-arse, but I think it’s unjustified. Well, I would say that wouldn’t I!

tend to find people are quick to tease when they don’t understand
things. I remember a friends wife taking the mickey out of me for
putting tea-bags into my compost bin for recycling. I think she thought
recycling meant "re-using" and
that I’d use those tea bags for another cuppa later on! Actually, I do
know somebody who does that, but anyway…

other reason I get teased is probably because I react so explosively at
times – which as I know (I get slapped for winding friends up all the
time…) can be great fun – well for the teaser!

I’ve already mentioned that one of my favourite sites is
and there are 60,000 other likeminded forum members there. Why pay £10
for an item if you can get it for £5? I don’t call that being tight – I
call that being prudent.

when I send an invoice to a client, if I charged them £5 more than they
thought they should be paying they’d complain. Strange that, yet nobody
bats an eyelid because it’s "good business practice" to drive down

all this being "tight" (grrr…) means I can afford to bung a regular
few quid to some favourite charities. Now I’m one of these people who
will (without blushing) say "no" when somebody comes rattling a can in
my face asking for change (Who are these people? Why would you give
money to somebody you’ve never met? How can you be sure the money goes
where it should?) but think that donating directly to local charities
does help.

So the Animal Home at Barnes Hill get some money every month through the company payroll (Give As You Earn means the Government top up your donations in a round-about way), The Woodland Trust get a personal donation monthly, and Birmingham Dogs Home
get a cheque every year. I used to give to other more national
charities but when you dig into how much is spent on administration and
advertising, it takes the glow off it for me. That’s just me though.

course there are other ways to donate to charity. To donate your time
is one way (if you work within IT then you’ll find no end of local
charities needing help setting up networks and PC’s) and then there’s
"click throughs" – I visit the Hunger Site every day to give without it costing me anything.

So there you go, how to be charitable, even for for the tight arses amongst us.


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